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Staffed by some of the most experienced Finance Management Consultants, Corporate Researchers, Investment Bankers as Principals and Advisors, Prime Capital brings a ‘Corporate Wealth Maximization’ approach to M&A and Corporate Finance.

Our M&A Approach:

Buy/Sell by Accident: Traditional approach looks at packaging and selling to the highest bidder or buying at fire sale. Often, there is no clear roadmap on what is the business case, how to integrate, leading to lack of strategies for unlocking values.

Buy/Sell by Design: Prime Capital approach is to ‘Transform & Sell’ on the sell side + ‘ Strategic Intent, Buy and Transform’ for the buy side, leading to a clear plan and approach for immediate value realization from a sale or purchase.

We believe in looking holistically at each business, people, technologies, market, products & solutions, customers, vendors and of course, financials to help design a strategy for maximizing value realization

Our Corporate Finance Approach:

While keeping the TCOB low is certainly a top priority, we also look for a ‘strategic intent’ + ‘Committed lender/Investor’ for our clients. Often, a ‘Value Lender/Investor’ brings a long term rewarding relationship to the game, benefiting our clients & in the process securing their investments and enriching their portfolio.

Our Solution Framework:

‘Corporate Wealth Maximization Framework’ is our proprietary tool to unlock Enterprise Value and designed to identify factors that are critical to maximizing Corporate Wealth.

Using our matured Solutions Framework, we will analyze needs, assess factors and variables that contribute to Corporate Wealth Maximization, and determine a Blue Print and Roadmap that will help build a strategic Portfolio. The expected business benefit will be maximizing returns to all stakeholders.